Delivery Details

Professional CV Writing

Timeline: 24 hours from order confirmation.

Process: Consultation to gather information.

Drafting of CV and cover letter.

Review and finalization.


Distribute My CV


Timeline: 3 days for full execution.

Process: Initial CV audit and optimization.

Distribution to over 5,000 contacts and job boards.

Comprehensive report detailing distribution outcomes.


Automate 101


Timeline: Ongoing management with 5-day reporting intervals.

Process: Setup and consultation with a dedicated account manager.

Continuous job application submissions.

Regular progress and opportunity reports.


General Terms for All Services:


Client Collaboration: Success of these services is contingent upon timely and accurate information provided by the client.


Payment: Full payment is required to commence the services as detailed under each service description.


Feedback and Revisions: Feedback loops and revision opportunities are built into each service, ensuring alignment with client expectations.


Contact and Support:

For any questions or further details about your service fulfillment, please contact our support team. We are committed to providing you with a seamless and satisfactory experience.