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Struggling to get noticed by top companies in Dubai? Our services, including professional CV writing and targeted CV distribution, are designed to overcome the hurdles of today’s competitive job market. Let us take your career to the next level.

Professional CV Writing

We create professional CV's for all types of job roles, CV's with almost zero rejection rate and those suited for ATS.

CV Distribution

Tired of applying and sending out CVs all day? Let us do it for you we will send your CV to our select list of top companies in Dubai.

Automate 101

Let us handle all your job applications, we will apply and submit your CV through all the top job portals in the UAE.

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Easy, affordable plans for all candidates. Get started today save time and money in your job hunt process.

Professional CV writing

49 AED

  • Quick Delivery
  • Cover Letter
  • Professional CV 1-2 Pages
  • Suitable for All Professions

Distribute my CV

299 AED

  • CV Audit
  • 3 Day Process
  • 5k+ Submissions
  • Full Report After 3 Days

Automate 101

499 AED

  • Fully Managed Applications
  • Submissions via Job Portals
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 5 Day Reporting

1 on 1 career coaching

“The team at Job Hunt Dubai were a huge help! they updated my CV and also helped me reach out 1000's of companies, without them I would still be stuck applying jobs with no response”


Team Lead at Skillmint

1 on 1 Coaching

699 AED

Book a coaching call with a industry expert with 30+ years of experience in hiring and building teams.
  • Interview prep
  • Job search coaching
  • CV review
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Professional CV Writing service work?

Our Professional CV Writing service is tailored to showcase your skills and experiences in the best light possible. Once you purchase the service, you'll be asked to provide details about your career history. Our experts craft your CV within 24 hours, ensuring it's ATS-friendly and suited to your target job roles.

What makes your CV Distribution service effective?

We leverage our extensive network of top companies in Dubai and proprietary algorithms to distribute your CV effectively. Our process ensures that your CV lands in the hands of hiring managers actively seeking candidates with your qualifications, significantly increasing your chances of landing an interview.

Can you guarantee a job if I use your services?

While we cannot guarantee job placement due to the various factors involved in the hiring process, our services significantly improve your chances of getting noticed, receiving interview calls, and ultimately securing job offers by enhancing your visibility and appeal to potential employers.

What is included in the Assistant Package?

The Assistant Package offers comprehensive support for your job applications. It includes fully managed applications through top job portals, a dedicated account manager for personalized service, and detailed reporting every 5 days to keep you updated on your job application status.

Are your services suitable for all professions and industries?

Absolutely! Our services are designed to cater to job seekers across all professions and industries. Whether you're a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional, our expert team tailors your CV and job application strategy to meet the specific requirements and expectations of your industry.

How do I get started with your services?

Getting started is easy! Simply choose the service package that best fits your needs and click on the "Purchase" button. You'll be guided through a straightforward process to provide us with the necessary information to begin working on your behalf.

What is your refund policy?

We strive to provide services that meet or exceed your expectations. If you're not satisfied with the results, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your final CV or service report to discuss your concerns. We offer revisions to ensure your satisfaction, but please refer to our Terms of Service for detailed information on refunds.

Professional CV Writing Service

Price: 199 AED

Our Professional CV Writing Service is designed to help you stand out in the job market. We offer a comprehensive package that includes a tailored CV and cover letter, ensuring you make a powerful impact on potential employers. Our expert team crafts each CV to highlight your unique skills and experiences, aligning with the expectations of your targeted industry.

Service Includes:

  • Cover Letter: A custom-written cover letter that complements your CV, introducing you to potential employers and showcasing your interest in the position.

  • Professional CV (1-2 Pages): A concise, professionally formatted CV, tailored to your career goals and suitable for all professions. Our service focuses on presenting your strengths, experiences, and qualifications effectively.


  • 24-Hour Turnaround: Receive your professionally written CV and cover letter within 24 hours after your order is confirmed.

  • Consultation: Brief consultation to understand your career objectives and gather necessary information for your CV and cover letter.

Scope and Limitations:

  • The service fee covers one set of documents (CV and cover letter) per order.

  • Revisions are limited to factual inaccuracies and must be requested within 48 hours after delivery.

  • The service does not
    guarantee job placement or interview success, as these outcomes depend on various factors beyond our control.

  • The content will be tailored to the information provided by the client. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information provided to us.

  • Our liability is limited to the service fee paid by the client.

Distribute My CV Service

Price: 299 AED

Our Distribute My CV Service is designed to maximize your job search reach and opportunities. This service includes a CV audit to ensure your CV is competitive, followed by extensive submissions to over 5,000 potential employers and job boards. Our goal is to help you get your CV in front of key decision-makers and increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Service Includes:

  • CV Audit: A detailed review of your CV to ensure it meets industry standards and job market trends.

  • 5k+ Submissions: Your CV will be submitted to over 5,000 employers and job boards, tailored to your job preferences and industry.

  • Full Report: After the 3-day submission process, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing where your CV was sent, along with any employer feedback and potential job leads.


  • 3-Day Submission Process: Complete submission of your CV to our extensive network of employers and job boards within 3 days after your order is confirmed and your CV is audited.

  • Feedback and Adjustments: Based on the initial CV audit, we may suggest adjustments to enhance your CV’s impact before distribution.

Scope and Limitations:

  • The service fee covers the CV audit, submission process, and the final report.

  • We cannot guarantee job interviews or offers as these depend on employer preferences and market conditions.

  • The effectiveness of the service depends on the quality and relevance of your CV to the targeted job market.

  • Submissions are made to relevant platforms and employers based on the information provided by the client.

Automate 101 Service

Price: 499 AED

Automate 101 offers a fully managed job application service designed to streamline your job search process. With this service, we handle the submission of your applications through various job portals, overseen by a dedicated account manager. Our aim is to increase your job application efficiency and free up your time for other important activities.

Service Includes:

  • Fully Managed Applications: We manage all aspects of the job application process on your behalf.
  • Submissions via Job Portals: Your CV and application details will be submitted to suitable job vacancies on various job portals.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: A dedicated professional will oversee your job application process, ensuring personalized and efficient service.
  • 5 Day Reporting: Receive detailed reports every 5 days, including the status of your applications, employer responses, and any upcoming opportunities.


  • Initial Consultation: Discuss your career objectives, job preferences, and target industries with your dedicated account manager.
  • Profile Setup and Optimization: Your account manager will help set up and optimize your profiles on various job portals.
  • Application Submissions: We will manage the application process, submitting your CV to suitable job vacancies.
  • Regular Reporting: Every 5 days, you will receive a report detailing the progress of your applications.

Scope and Limitations:


  • The service fee covers the management of job applications, submissions to job portals, dedicated account management, and regular reporting.
  • Job interview or offer guarantees are not provided, as these outcomes depend on employer decisions and market conditions.
  • The service is contingent upon the quality and appropriateness of the client’s CV and related application materials.